Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Sanur, Bali

 Tarum Natural Dye Studio
 Roots and plants to make the dyes.

Boxes of bobbins...Looms to make fabric
 Outside the studio.

And Happy December 1st! Winter is so nice from a distance : P 

This first song is M83 - Run Into Flowers. It's an excellent song, partly because musically it is just right and so sweet, but also because it makes everything around me move in slow motion and feel like a movie when it's playing. It's like we're at a pivotal part of the movie, where nothing is changing but everything is changing; The sun just starts peeping out from under the clouds, wind picks up, birds fly by, for a few minutes it all just falls into place. Let me know if it has the same effect on you or if you think I need to go to the doc to get my head examined...

This next one is a little bit peppier...ah, who am I kidding, anything called Ready for the Weekend is probably packing a punch. This song is something I would've listened to a few years ago and then would've really started getting ready for the weekend (it's Wednesday at 7:30 AM), but instrumentally this song isn't quite as spastic and is something that can totally be digested and appreciated even at 7:30 in the morning (along with your second cup of coffee, sometimes we need that extra push)...

And for a "no fail win" from you guys here's Cold Cave's - Life Magazine which is totally rockin' on many levels! X


  1. Two of my favorites...fabrics and good tunes :o)
    Love the rhinestone fishnets in the last video
    Great blog!!!

  2. Great post, Honey! Love the photos of the loom. I get mesmerized watching things made, and could watch this fabric made all day. 'Course, that love of watching things made includes Lucy and Ethel stomping on the barrel full of grapes, too, so, there you have it! ; )
    Love the tunes, and in the last video the guy (girl???) looks like Marlene Dietrich! Wonder if that was their intent!
    Beautiful stuff, Sweetheart, great photos, rich text... Fun!
    Love you! La