Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Movie Tuesdays! I see a lot of Movie Monday's out there, and although that makes complete sense (they both start with 'M', so clever) it's Tuesday right now and I love movies and want to start my own Movie Tuesday's post, column thingamagig. We are sans movie theater in Ubud, and the one in Denpasar has Twilight and some other horrifying "thing" playing, so I am forced to scour the cheap-o, though very unpathetic, movie selection for DVDs, which is located next to the grocery store. I miss the big screen though, the popcorn, the arctic temperatures in the movies, and most of all disappearing for a few hours into the pitch black, crazy amplified rooms that movie theaters offer. I am prone to smaller theaters, but I even miss the BIG Loews theater and their gargantuan, empty rooms...

So, if I was home, and near a cool theater, these are the flicks I would run with my coziest sweater on and stretchy pants to catch:

Tiny Furniture. Written, Directed, and Starring Lena Dunham. 22 year old college grad finds herself living back home in NY with her photographer mother and teenage sister. She works as a hostess and attempts to rekindle old friendships. The sarcasm in this seems great and I love how painfully honest it is about her situation at home and in relationships.

I Love You Phillip Morris. Jim Carrey. Ewan McGregor. Same directors as Bad Santa with Billy Bob Thorton. An action packed, hilarious, touching adventure of a movie. It opened on December 5th so check your closest theater for times and get on over there.

Bhutto. A documentary of a woman named Benazir Bhutto who comes from a wealthy, Muslim family in Pakistan, also known as the "Kennedy's of Pakistan". Her father was a political visionary who was killed and unlike her brothers who fled, she chose to stay and fight for her father's legacy as well as equal rights and law in Pakistan. I don't want to spoil it, but this is truly a must see.

Now, this song here is just so damn good it's almost painful to listen to and not dance or at least feel so completely elated that you're floating. Mike played this for me the other day and it's been on the playlist for the last couple of weeks. Tin Man by Future Islands...

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  1. Thanks for the suggestions...I put them in my Netflix Q ...I love you