Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Even in our little garden there's still a lot of action.
Funny that they start out like this... 
These guys remind me of one of my favorite books. A worth while read for kids and adults...
And there's Bonobo too...
"All In Forms"
"Eyesdown" Featuring Andreya Triana


  1. Wow! Love those photos, especially the focus on the little world that happens beneath our gaze! Very wonderful, and the sketch from the book is now my wallpaper...guess we are all in our cocoons waiting to become butterflies...
    Will check out those videos too when I'm not quite so sleepy!
    I love you, Kel,

  2. Oh I love you so much la! Jord and I were talking earlier and he said that he was at your place after going to Nashville and we both agreed that you pretty much rock!! Hopefully I can catch you both at the same time so we can all talk together!!

    Love you!!

  3. Love you too, Baby Girl! Am doing great, missing you, of course, but know you are having an amazing trip... Living vicariously through you and your wonderfully diverse blog. Am toying with the idea of starting one myself, and your Mom said she'd walk me through the ropes... So fun...
    Can we talk on Christmas Day, or somewhere near there? Would love to hear your sweet voice and tell you Merry Christmas...
    I love you, Kel... Guess you know that. HOPE you know that, but it always bears repeating...
    xoxoxoxoxoxoxo, La

  4. I love the photos of these butterflies...they look suspended in air...so fragile and tranquil :) xo