Sunday, October 31, 2010

There is a great outdoor market about a 30 minute drive from us...come on down and get a new pair of designer jeans that fell off the back of a truck.
 Balinese hipsters.
 "MEMORIES: COLORED THOUGHTS" I'll have what he's having...
Toilet for a Rp. 1,000 (just under a buck)
Surprise your significant other with a new machete...
 Or snack on some lightly spiced, grilled corn and a coke...
You have to be a little wary of what you purchase though. I got the sweetest pair of grey and moderately worn Levi jeans, but the size marking is wrong on them (no, it really is!) They're too tiny in the waist. HUGE bummer. Some of the clothes are misfits from the factory and that's how they ended up here, so just make sure it fits before you exchange cash and goods! I did get a great pair of shorts though, and a full belly of fresh corn, so, just like the Terminator, I'll be back!

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  1. Ah... Ye Olde Marketplace... No telling what treasures might be found therein! Bet there's a little of something for everyone, and it reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where Kramers' buddy was taping the movie in the theater to sell on the black market! Am sure there's loads of those to go 'round!...
    Love seeing USA products... Is there any more recognizable label than Coke? Like those Lay's potato chips from a few weeks ago, although the flavor was, what, Salmon and Seaweed? Um... Yum?!
    Another blog post hit out of the park, darlin'!
    Missing and loving you tons,