Tuesday, October 05, 2010

BISA is a Batik studio that also works with natural dyes and is located about 15 minutes outside of Ubud in Penjeng. Pak (Mr.) Agung opened it in 2002 to bring back the ancient trade of batiking. This is done by manually applying wax (called 'canting') into a pattern and is then dyed. More wax may be applied, dyed again, etc. and sometimes goes through several stages, until a beautiful and multi-colored pattern is created. The wax is taken off at the end of the process and voila: batik!
Waxed cloth
Ladies applying wax to cloth
Bowl of wax
Applying wax in 2nd stage
Some of their finest finished pieces on display


  1. God what fascinating work you're doing, Kel, and Michael too! Your photos are beautiful, and I feel that instant the shutter does its' thing! Your work has totally reignited the long-retired photographer in me!
    The batiks are GORGEOUS, I remember trying it back in the seventies, and while it is an arduous task, I think it creates a completely unique product... Simply beautiful...
    Highest marks all around!!!
    Love , Love, Love,

  2. I didn't know you made batik?! That is a SKILL lady! You're so talented la, id love love love to see your pictures!! And you!!

    Love you!!!

  3. i love the brown fabric at the top...the fabric looks so crisp and light! it's unbelievable the amount of work that goes into these fabrics and the cost to buy them is so minimal