Monday, November 01, 2010

Michael has planned a few trips to the beach for us in the last couple of weeks, and incredibly uncharacteristically of me, I have been busy working (blah) to be able to go! We planned today go this morning, Sunday's are MEANT for the beach, and what do you know? RAIN!! THUNDER! No lightening though...Thank goodness, I'm not a fan of the lightening, especially here (it always sounds and feels like it's right over our heads!!) So instead we had a lazy Sunday, which is the vibe we were going for, except I could use a little sunburn-turned-tan right now. I know it's bad for you, but I'm from Florida and in Bali, we're supposed to like to do that in those places, right? Well, not today I suppose...
 With all day on my hands and a house full of "rainy day goodies" to fool around with, I decided to sketch something. That always puts me in a better mood and I just love to cozy up and design a new piece of clothing or draw any kind of picture...But my pencil kept breaking...
 So, after half-heartedly trying to accomplish something today. I grumpily and got back into bed around 3 PM...Only to have Michael come get me up about 20 minutes later, set me up with painting supplies, and his music-filled computer (and eventually coaxed me out from under the sheets with an early afternoon beer...Hey, don't judge! Some days 5 PM seems like it'll take forever!!) Well, enough of that, I'm feeling better and we've rescheduled the beach trip for the next beautiful day that comes along : ) I'm posting some music that pulled me through my traumatic day of beachlessness. The band is called BATHS...And? THEY. ARE. WICKED. GOOD. With equally wickedly good videos...

1. Maximalist
2. Lovely Bloodflow
3. Hall

And, I hope you have a sunny day, wherever you are :D


  1. "IT TAKES A LOT OF COURAGE TO GO OUT THERE AND RADIATE YOUR ESSENCE!!!" Love that vocal break in Maximalist! What a cool video, band, etc... Will check out the others! As always, thanks for the tip! Another great one!
    Sorry you missed the beach, but it sounds like you made the best of it! Like making lemonade out of lemons, or chicken salad out of chicken*#%$!!!!!!!
    And it's ALWAYS 72 and sunny with you in my heart, Sweet Girl!
    Have a great day, and remember to radiate your essence!
    Love you,

  2. OK, so I am re-reading your post and thinking of what the rain and thunder and lightning must be like there. Everything I've ever read or seen about weather in the region, always has TORRENTIAL downpours... So I was thinking about you saying you are not a fan of lightning, and I wholeheartedly concur with you on that and it reminded me of when we were camping out on the edges of the basin of the Grand Canyon and how the thunder there is unlike ANYTHING I've ever heard, before or since. Talk about reverb! And I asked the guide if lightning had ever reached all the way down to the water's edge (we were 1000' from the top of the canyon) and his response was,"Not Yet..." Really put this flatlanders mind to rest...oh, yea, and I love you! 'Night! La

  3. Haha I love that part of the song too!! Such a great band...I love you so much La!!!!