Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Two of my new/old favorite items that I found in a hole in the wall (a family run store called Boutique Shop on Jalan Raya).
Embroidered silk

And embroidered cotton
This sweet little dinner jacket killed me when I saw it. I'd been vying to check out this shop, and now that I'm driving my own bike, I could go in and take my time. I could hardly bargain the price with her...I just had to have it. It really reminds me of this gorgeous Valentino jacket I clipped out of a magazine my senior year of high school...yeah, I've remembered it since high school, so of course I had to get it!
I love how much material there is here in the ankle length dress. The weight not only helps it hang beautifully on the body, but it's also a wonderfully versatile piece, instead of just being another cotton summer dress. This  will look great and feel cool for the summer time as well as layered in the fall or winter! Yes, you can wear white in the winter.
Photographed and edited by Michael Lawrence


  1. Great posts Kelly...You look so beautiful in these photos...the pieces look comfy and feminine without being fussy. The vintage style of the photos is very cool...nice concept for a fashion line ???? :o)

  2. Beautiful, classy, intriguing, complex, natural, classic, feminine...and I'm just talking about the MODEL!!!
    Great ensemble, Honey, and like Mom, love the vintage feel to the photo spread... Super post!
    Love you TONS!

  3. You're such a super lady Ler!!! And yes Marn, I'm shuffling a clothing line concept around in my mind and definitely thinking that I should take advantage of the killer embroidery work that I've been seeing here. The manufacturer where the RACI collection is being put together can do some really really amazing things. It's crazy how fast their hands move on those machines!!

    LOVE YOU GUYS!!! : D