Saturday, October 02, 2010

I'm kind of on a music video streak, I know, but michael just showed me this one and it's WOAH oh so's to the new Arcade Fire song "We Used to Wait" and is interactive. At the opening page literally type in your address, the city and state, and then, through google maps and the work of the Chrome Experiments, it shows that place in the music video! I just think that's so cool and Arcade Fire is such a sweet band. There's also a part in the music video where you type in a few words, whatever you want, and then take your cursor and you draw on that screen to make these thin branch like's really very cool.

Just make sure you are in a wifi-friendly zone because there's a lot of action and a few different windows pop as well! Ay yay yay, kids these days, this tech stuff is moving too fast for me!


  1. Wow, great song, and very interesting video! Thanks for the tip, as always! I rely on you guys to continue to turn me on to the wonderful new music out there! (although I did just get MGMT's latest, and am digging it!)
    Love you VERY, VERY, VERY much!!!!!!!

  2. sweet im glad you dig it! and yeah i agree, MGMTs latest did pull through!! i have another mix of songs that i will try to upload today!!

    i love you so much ler!!!!