Friday, October 01, 2010

"Canang Sari"
A daily offering, that builds in size depending on the ceremony or holiday.  It is a way to give back to God what has been given to you.  This is done in order to maintain a good energy between the spirits and the people, and is not based on fear, but is both a duty and honor. These baskets usually consist of rice, flowers, and sweets, although there are also sometimes eggs and fruit.  They are usually found at the entrance to every home and store, and beneath statues (and sometimes your feet if you don't watch where you are going...)


  1. Kel, what a truly lovely and inspirational tradition. Wish we could be more grateful for our blessings back here! And your photos continue to amaze. Are these yours, Mike's or a little of both? Anyway, your blog continues to blossom and I am LOVING it! I think of you every single day and know you are having an amazing so happy for you!
    Love you SSSOOOO much!!!

  2. Haha thank you ma'am!! Yep i took all the photos except for the cock fighting and the kite pictures...he's been nice enough to let me use his sweet camera though, so I have to give I'm credit for letting me use considering my nickname is "spill queen" : ) and i agree, I love the idea of the offerings everyday, they're so sweet and it's a nice way to recognize each day as a beautiful one!!

    Love you!!!