Tuesday, November 02, 2010

It's been a slow and quiet day. I love those sometimes.
It's almost night out. She's smiling in this picture, but in the other one she's not so happy about the camera in her face. I never mean to make anyone uncomfortable, but I guess we all have those days when we don't want our picture taken...
I like the trees and clouds in this photo. Black and white looks really cool too. There's so much gorgeous color in the original, but the b&w helps to appreciate other elements of a picture that can get lost in color.
Rice paddy terrace farming. See them working there at the top?
Sometimes blurry pictures work...
One man working, one resting.


  1. Well you are truly singing my song with these latest photos!!! I have shot a lot of film over the years, and I have to say about 90% has been b & w! Because we see the world in color, I have always felt that b & w lends such a dynamic energy to the image! It forces our eyes to see the composition first, whereas, for me anyway, sometimes a color photo gets overshadowed by the color itself. And sometimes that's the point, and that's totally cool, but b & w pulls different things from the photo, let's put it that way. Now with digital and Photoshop, it's easy to see the same image in a variety of tones...anyway, again, I'm rambling, but, yea, sometimes the blurry photo TOTALLY works, as does yours!
    Great, great, great photos, Honey! Very impressed!
    Love you TONS!

  2. Thank you!! Well if anyone knows a lot about photography it's you la, so ramble on, nows the time the time is now, sing my song, im goin round the world I gotta find my girl!..now that's rambling! : D