Sunday, September 05, 2010

Roosters to the older men are the equivalent to children and their kites.  Around 1 PM and 6 PM everyday, about ten men gather around with their prized roosters.  They usually squat around together, smoking cigarettes and gently holding and stroking their roosters.  They are very colorful and seem to be pretty well-behaved, so I guess I can understand why they are so proud; but, really, this passive-yet-macho rooster time is still a mystery to all of us at the house.  Michael had to capture some portraits of these men with their pets, who wake us up with their crowing around 5 AM every morning.

Lucky for him, the men were more than happy to pose.  They even went to far as to have their roosters fight each other in the street!  We've been told that cock fighting is a popular past time, and though none of the birds were hurt, a few lost some nice, big feathers.

Needless to say, the boys are now making a lot of "cock" jokes...most of which are pretty hilarious.  Please enjoy Michael's now famous "cock pictures". : )

Caught with his cock out


  1. Haha the informative and great photos...thanks!

  2. haha ..yea i think these are cool and so funny!