Thursday, September 09, 2010

Eat, Pray, Love has obviously had quite the effect on single women in Bali.  I wonder if Italy's bistros were swarmed or India's religious ceremonies had to add a few extra chairs...or did finding love in Bali take the cake? I have a feeling these ladies, turned newly awakened Yoginis came to Bali to find an open-minded, free bird of a guy.

Not that I could blame them for coming here to do it. Bali has got to be one of the friendliest, safest places I have ever been. It's the perfect environment for a single woman to explore her mind, body, and soul. Tons of delicious, organic foods, inexpensive places to stay, $6 massages, and yoga and meditation galore. Hello, you should be here too! But, honestly, there is something faux about this type of lady...

Firstly, we all know she watched eat, pray, love and only attends male-run yoga classes at the Yoga Barn, the most 'popular' place to go get your stretch on.  Often times you may spot her coming or going outside Kafe (one of my favorite spots). She's draped in six or seven, too-luxurious silky sarongs...sometimes one is even wrapped around her head; Gawky silver and wooden jewelry that she paid too much for when she got here a few months ago and is now drenched around every appendage, ankle bracelets, two yoga mats strapped to her back, all while trying to maneuver a $2 a day, 1,000 lb motorbike...laughing orgasmically loud when her shopping bags get caught on the bike next to hers.  Argh...I both cringe and enjoy that sight! And there's only one kind of love this lady is going to be sure to attract...the Kuta Cowboy! Yeehaw! I'm talking female sex tourism! It is real, existing mainly in Kuta Beach, about an hour and a half south of where we are in Ubud. I had never heard of these cowboys before but you wouldn't have to hear about them to know that they aren't the good ol' boys next door! Long hair, flashy jewelry, big motorbikes, tight pants...they're the real deal and they mean business! 

Women come here alone or with a girlfriend to pick up one of these boys, no charge, and boogie down.  Though they usually don't get paid, they are generally rewarded with some extras...not to mention a couple nights in a 5 star hotel, good food, and pampering by a lovelorn lady.  (Come on girls, what are you doing with these dodos??) I hate to be the nay sayer...but I think a simple vacation consisting of early to bed, early to rise, good food, inner that sounds like the perfect holiday, single or not!

C'est la vie...what can you do? I suppose women need a place they can call their own. The men already have Thailand!!

If you have an extra few, check out these 2 minute clips:

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Jelila's "Eat, Pray, Love" Ubud Map
Find Love in Bali!
(Or the nearest ATM)


  1. Eatpraylove is big now... it's nice to get a sans Hollywood take...thanks :@)

  2. I love the tie photos..cute model, too! :)

  3. Glad you approve!! : ) We were both so exhausted in the picture from the airport in Taipei...photoshop works wonders!! ; P I'll take some more verrry soon!