Saturday, February 05, 2011

When I went back to visit my oinking friend, I heard a bunch of shuffling feet in the stall next to hers...

Animal House movie clip


  1. HAHAHA!! That boy is a P-I-G pig!!! Great clips......Love your new neighbors Kel...they say pigs make great pets!! : )

  2. My friend Jon Brenner has always wanted a pig. He had a Sharpei. Does that count?
    Such tremendous posts, the last two, that I haven't found the words to respond. Amazing photos, truly. Just awesome, and of course, "Why, I just love Mandy Pepperidge!"
    Love you too, Baby Doll!!,

  3. omg those piggies are so cute! i always wanted a tea-cup pig but that seems a bit impractical. you're so lucky to have them so close by. the pictures you took are PRICELESS!

    mademoiselle mimi