Sunday, January 02, 2011

Must sees:

$9.99. It's all done in stop motion, claymation, but for adults, or for whoever doesn't mind the artful grittiness of mature information and scenes. An interesting story line that centers around, and title is inspired by, a young man who purchases a book for just under $10 to seek the answers and reasons for life. I'd highly recommend it, based on it's original humor and storyline compared to other animation movies, some very interesting, trippy scenes, and a sincerely nice ending. But I warn you this isn't Gumby, it's a movie that follows several characters around in their quest for happiness, guidance, truth and love; and written in a way that is particularly effective in it's claymation style. It came out in 2008 so you should be able to pick it up at your local store.
Winter's Bone was the last movie I saw at my favorite, coziest theater in Boston. Though I was on my way to see Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work(gimme a break, she's hilarious), but it was sold out. I felt that I needed a comedy to lighten the mood, as I had been packing up my apartment all day. But the last open seat on the roster for that evening was Winter's Bone, and I had seen the trailer and was not too interested in subjecting myself to what I thought would be the depressing nature of this film. But I was oh-so-wrong. Well, it was still rather bleak, but Jennifer Lawrence (lead actress) plays her part so well, and with such strength and hope, especially considering what her character has to face, that the movie ended with such an honest and sincere summation it left a feeling of elevation. The scenes are just so subtle, but the script material is very heavy yet, like winter, it just slowly seeps into you without being force-fed overly emotional or graphic scenes. 
The Kids Are All Right.
No, no, no, the movie! I'm talking about the movie that came out last year. With Annette Bening, Julianne Moore, and Mark Ruffalo (hello!). Great cast and fantastic acting and script. Totally a must-see for everybody. This movie focuses on a modern family, mid life crisis, and the exhaustion/awesomeness of teenage kids...while still maintaining a good sense of humor. I'd say
the Little Miss Sunshine(superb movie) of the year.
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  1. Great...thanks for the tips! Love you!

  2. Wow awesome recommendations! I do appreciate all the stuff you send my way! Thanks, Baby Girl!
    Love you,

  3. Kelsey....where is another update? I am dying for photos of Bali.

    Also, took your advice and saw more movies in the last two weeks than I did all year. I saw Eat, Pray, Love; Black Swan; True Grit; The Fighter; The Social Network; The 40 Year Old Virgin and one other....

    Love you.....

  4. Pup - I love your summaries of the Hanecke films!!! So thoughtful, concise.... looking forward to seeing more reviews soon (and going to more movies together!)

    Your Michael